How To Present The Property?

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You should present the property in good condition so that there will be great impact on the rental value. If you can attract the right tenant, there will be great satisfaction. If the first impression is bad, there will be negative impact on the tenant. The property should be presented in a reasonably clean condition by the landlord so that the tenant will move in very easily. The current tenant should leave the property in the same condition as it was handed over in the beginning. It is quite common to ask for four week’s rent from the tenant. You should want to execute a bond with the tenant if the rent is more than $1200 per week.

Property rentals

The rental agent should help you manage the best rent and should be able to maintain the property in the best possible way. If the bond is executed, it will be released when the tenant vacates the property. The property should be inspected at the time of vacation and the property manager should be satisfied with the condition of the property in all realms. The best property manager will fulfill the needs of the landlord as he or she will act on behalf of the landlord.

The Perth property management is a specialized task and it should be handled by a professional team. The property manager will ensure that the tenant will pay all the utility bills as per the stipulated dates. If there is any discrepancy, it will be brought to the notice of the tenant. If the tenant breaks the leases, the advertising cost and re-letting fees should be borne by the tenant.

It is possible to pay the rental income on weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis as per the convenience of the landlord. The rent should be paid by the tenant on a voluntary basis. The tenant is obliged to pay the rent on the stipulated date as per the agreement. The property manager will never force the tenant to pay the rent. Some rental management companies will implement zero tolerance policy on rental arrears. If the rent is not paid, an SMS will be sent on the first day. A seven day termination notice will be sent on the third day. As per the notice, the tenant should vacate the place within 7 days. If the outstanding amount is not paid in full, the property manager can approach the court so that the damages will be recovered through court proceedings.

The landlord can go for insurance of the property so that the risk will be covered very efficiently. As the tenant’s financial capability may change, the insurance will protect the income of the landlord. However, the rent will not cover any malicious damages done to the property.