How An Average Antenna Works.

There was a time when people were not even able to think of anything other than antenna, they had to check and recheck the antenna direction, the height of the antenna itself and the area in which on is trying to catch the signals? Again they used to check where the antenna is actually situated inside the house or outside. Problem occurs when due to uncontrollable issues one cannot make the radio work, sometimes it becomes a pain hence the radio required something really creative and technically advanced. Usually the antenna maker tests the antenna before floating in the market.

But for a common person like us, let’s talk a bit about how an antenna works? So the first thing to start with is the antenna wire which is generally known as ‘coaxial cable’ there is a difference between a coaxial cable and a normal cable. In a normal power cable one can easily see that the lines are parallel to each other, whereas the coaxial cable one can easily catch that there is a shield outside (a silver color light foil), then comes the insulator and then comes the conductor situated at the center. Basically the power conductor flows the power to the targeted area that is Antenna. So the wire works internally, in short if two pieces of wires are in front the normal wire (from one side current flows in and then moves from the other side that’s outflow). In order to transmit the power out in the air once again imagine the two pieces of wires (in which the current flows from the right piece and comes in back from the left piece of the wire). The simple Dipole antenna one which is used for the FM stereo at home, if the normal wire is used the current will flow in the same direction as a result RF energy is created, which leaves like (what we see as a wifi sign that direction) in the air and due to the direction signals can be received as well.

So due to the wires side by side, the electromagnetic energy is generated from the current flow, the right one wire piece is positive and the left one is known as negative. So with the normal piece of wire it cancels each other out, hence radiation does not generated. With the help of a coaxial wire the current flow generates the radiating energy just like how the antenna does which helps to receive the signals from the air (as it works in both directions). The same energy and signals are transferred to the radio in order to make the noise, this is how an antenna works pretty simple but really impressive. If you are particular with the antenna like the gme radio antenna, just click this 

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