How To Choose The Best Hamper To Gift An Expectant Mother?

When you are visiting an expectant friend or family member, it is expected that you would carry something for the child or the mother or both. While this might not be necessary, it is beneficial to get something that will ease the burden of a couple or new parents who have been blessed with a newborn.

Gift baskets for babiesIndeed, if you are attending a baby shower, you could plan to get a hamper of goodies for the expectant mother. Creating a gift basket for the baby with useful things will surely be appreciated and will not go to waste. If you are not sure where to begin, look at the pre made hampers that are often ready for sale in reputable baby product stores. When you are picking up stuffed toys like a Sophie giraffe ensure that the brand that sells them is a reputed one and the fibers on the toys will be hypoallergenic. Hence, you might want to take a closer look at the kind of items that are packed in baby hampers or plan a custom gift basket yourself. 

Add in the useful things

When you are planning a gift basket for a baby or newborn, the best baby gifts might not be adorable stuffed toys alone but something useful for the baby. Keep in mind that a newborn will require plenty of sheets, blankets, wipes, diapers, towels and bed linen. Hence, you could pick up sets of such items and add them to a base hamper. Many might want to use a bassinet as the base that will also work as a baby carrier for the parents. That is a wonderful base for a gift hampers but you need to ensure that you have a generous budget if you plan to include a bassinet in the gift hamper.

Customized as per your budget

You need not hesitate if the readymade hampers at a baby store seem too little or too much for you. Ensure that you have a budget in mind and then pick and choose some functional items to gift to the new parents. Add in some decorative items like soft toys and others or get the store representatives to wrap the hamper with delightful ribbons and confetti. This will help create a perfect and attractive gift hamper of your liking and budget.If you are late in picking up a hamper for a baby shower, you can do it all online. Simply customize and order a hamper of your choice and get it delivered to your friend’s address.