How Many Items Are There In A Bahco Socket Set?

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The invention of tools goes back to the ancient times when human beings were experimenting to discover new things and were trying to explore the world. There were times when man was not able to pull the task by himself so he made such tools that can help him in carrying out the task. In the beginning; these tools were only made up of wood. After that metal and other alloys came in use. Even though; we have been introduced with power running and machine running tools in today’s time period but it is an amazing fact that hand tools have not gone extinct. In fact; hand tools are still in as much of in use as they were ever before. Obviously; these hand tools have been modified with the help of latest techniques but the main concept is still there which, is the use of man power to perform various functions. There are many different companies across the world which manufactures hand tools. Among them; Bahco is one such Swedish company which is popular for their hand tool sets. In this article; we will be discussing about the fact that how many items are there in a single Bahco socket set.

How many items are there in a single Bahco socket set?

Basically; Bahco is a Swedish tool industry which specializes in the manufacturing of hand tools. Their hand tools are durable, multiple functional and cost effective.  It was in the year eighteen hundreds that they came up with the idea of establishing tools and till now they have introduced us with at least seven thousand different types of tools. Some of these tools are used for chopping purposes some for tightening or un-tightening the screws, some for filing or forging and so on. There are many functions of the handsets that Bahco Company produces. Different socket sets of Bahco have different number of items and hand tools in it. There is a pocket size socket set with twenty six items in it, then there is fourteen piece socket set and so on.

Bahco tool kit:

Besides socket sets; there are tool kits as well which are used by different groups of people to carry out their professional jobs. As the different socket sets have different number of items or pieces in them so, similarly; took kits have different number and types of pieces in them. There is engineer tool kit with eight six pieces in it, electrical tool kit with thirty one pieces in it and so on.


Hand tools are one such invention of human beings that are still in as much of a use as they were ever before. Bahco is the company that manufactures different types of hand tools. You can buy the best quality of Bahco socket sets as well as Bahco tool kits from “Worchester shop”